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La frase tiene contenido ofensivo. Cancelar Enviar. Your feedback will be reviewed. B2 [ C ] an agreement or an arrangement , especially in business :. The unions and management have made a two-year pay and productivity deal. They backed out of the deal the day before they were due to sign the contract. Do you think the government should try to strike a deal with the terrorists?

We won't be able to make a profit on the deal unless we raise the sale price. After some tough bargaining , we finally agreed on a deal. Our firm could lose a lot of money if the deal is unsuccessful. Business - general words. B2 a large amount :. She spends a good deal of her time in China. A great deal of effort has gone into making the software reliable.

They still need a great deal more money to finish the project. We Americans owe a great deal to our European cousins. I've been in this job for 30 years , and I've picked up a good deal of expertise along the way. This product has excited a great deal of media interest. A great deal has been achieved , most notably free elections. There is a great deal of interest in harnessing wind and waves as new sources of power.

Masses and large amounts of things. Card games. The book cases were made of deal. They were made of deal but stained to look darker. Deal was used for the seats , with oak for the seat rails. Types of wood. Grammar Much , a lot , lots , a good deal : adverbs. A lot , a good deal and a great deal.

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The Hurricane, though less graceful and slower than the Spitfire, was more a shire horse; incredibly strong and capable of taking many hits before it was taken out. Imagine my horror when they told me that, though I was about to gain two wisdom teeth, the rest would have to be yanked out using a pair of industrial-strength pliers and a shire horse. Norman, the gentle shire horse who won thousands of fans as he helped water flower baskets and clear litter across the city centre, will go to pastures new when he retires in summer.

We have a shire horse which weighs about half a ton. Ironically, because of their presence, the main narrative creaks along with the pace of a crippled shire horse. He never looks in the slightest bit ill: in fact he looks strong enough to lift a shire horse above his head. Perhaps he thought I was going to tie a shire horse to my car and drive away.

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